Wilsall Vet Clinic

Welcome to Mountain Valley Veterinary Services - Shields Valley/Livingston.  Here in Wilsall, we are a predominately ambulatory, large animal veterinary clinic that focuses on serving the ranchers and horse owners of Park county and beyond.  We offer a full array of both bovine and equine services.  Our primary focus is providing top level veterinary care to the ranchers of this great state.  We excel in not only expertly providing the routinely needed services to our ranch clients, like pregnancy testing and bull breeding soundness exams, but also providing management level recommendations through our "Total Ranch Performance" program.  We take pride in providing this top level care to tens of thousands of cattle, countless horses, and the occasional small ruminant and 4-H animal every year.  Give us a call today to see how we may be able to serve you and the needs of your ranch! 
Conveniently Located At

P.O. Box 98
Wilsall, MT 59086