Bovine Services

Total Ranch Performance Program
Through our "Total Ranch Performance" program, we dive deeper into the operations of your ranch with you and our network of experts. We strive to develop goals for you and all aspects of your business, and we do all that we can to help you reach them. By no means do we claim to have the answers to every question that you have, but in line with our mission statment, we will work tirelessly with our network of leaders in the industry to figure out what works best for you. Topics covered include genetics, fertility, nutrition, animal health, environment, marketing, and record keeping. If you would like to learn more, please reach out! We would love to visit.
Pregnancy Diagnosis with Aging
Pregnancy testing in beef cattle has proven to be one of the most valuable tools that producers can utilize. Whether allowing targeted marketing of pregnant females, or mitigating feeding cost of unproductive animals, pregnancy testing is a cost effective tool that can help all producers.
Bull Breeding Soundness Exams
Ensuring that your bull battery is ready for the breeding season is an important task that should not be overlooked. We will work with you to ensure the health of your bulls and to provide options to recovery when issues are uncovered.
Heifer Development Program Design
It has been adequately proven that a heifer that breeds during the first cycle of your breeding season is more likely to remain an early calver throughout her life than one that breeds later. Subsequently, that heifer will be significantly more profitable through her life than one that breeds later for her first pregnancy. We will work with you to set goals and benchmarks for your replacement heifers to ensure that they are ready for their first breeding season. Complete with ration development, progression monitoring, and breeding management, we will work with you the entire way to ensure that your heifers are set to be as profitable for you as possible throughout their lifetime.
Ration Development & Custom Mineral Formulation
Nutrition and ration development is an integral part of every cattle operation no matter the cattle being fed. Historically, feed costs are the largest expense for a ranch; responsible for roughly 50% of a cow's annual expenses. We can design a nutrition program, complete with custom mineral formulation, for each aspect of your operation. Whether feeding cows, developing heifers, or raising/maintaining breeding bulls, we can ensure that all nutrient requirements are met, while also ensuring that resources are not being lost to over-feeding.
Vaccination / Preconditioning Protocol Development
Recently there has been a lot of discussion, debate, and research on the utilization of different types of vaccines (i.e. MLV and killed). We are ready to sit down and visit with you about what we believe will be best for your operation. We also want to visit about what we have seen work and what can be done to best prepare your cattle for the next step in the production chain.
Disease Investigation
Our focus will always be on prevention of disease. If disease does occur, we will work with you to diagnose not only the disease, but the risk factors involved. Every outbreak is the result of change in one or multiple of three things; the animal, the environment, or the pathogen. We will be diligent in our work to uncover the cause of an outbreak and provide recommendations for a quick resolution.
Estrus Synchronization
Estrus synchronization is a valuable technology to the cattle industry. With it, we can catch up late calving cows, front-end load our calving season, and have more pounds to market at shipping. When paired with an artificial insemination program, we can use it to maximize the genetics of our herd to make advances in the quality of the cattle both marketed and retained. We have the knowledge and resources necessary to assist in implementing one of the available protocols or to customize a protocol for unique situations.
Genetic/Genomic Testing
Genomic testing is an available technology that commercial producers have begun to utilize to advance the genetic potential of their herd. This is a tool that has been utilized by partners in seedstock and even longer in the dairy industry to identify high performing individuals who thus produce higher performing offspring. Although relatively new to the commercial industry, large strides have been made by many producers in the advancement of their herd and calf crop through the utilization of genomic testing.
Clinical Trial Design and Execution
We have completed further training in clinical trial design and execution. We understand that much guidance can be found in already completed research and experience, but sometimes questions still remain. We are able to adequately design a controlled trial, collect and analyze data, and interpret the results in a way to answer those lingering questions. We are eager to hear what questions you have and how we may help answer them.
Individual Animal Care
Although we are focused on the performance and success of the herd as a whole, we understand that the herd is not a unit within itself, but instead a group of individuals. The herd can only perform as well as the individuals that comprise it. From sick and scouring calves, to to lame bulls and down cows, we are dedicated to the individual animal and getting them on the road to recovery.
Regulatory Work
We are fully accredited to perform all of the work necessary to ensure that your operation meets all rules and regulations. From health papers and bangs vaccinating, to ensuring that your operation meets all Designated Surveillance Area regulations, we are ready to assist in any way possible. Let us know how we can help!