Equine Services

Routine/Annual Vaccinations and Deworming
We carry a comprehensive line of equine vaccinations and dewormers. If you ever wonder when and for what your horse should be vaccinated or dewormed for, just ask! We are happy to visit.
Dental Care
Unlike humans, a horse's teeth continue to grow throughout their life. Because of this, abnormalities can form that cause discomfort and the inability to properly digest their food. This can then lead to many issues, including quidding, dropping feed as they eat, or dropping weight throughout the year. With a thorough dental exam and on-the-ranch corrections, you can improve the comfort and health of your horses or prevent issues from arising.
Equine Castrations
We are fully equipped to castrate stallions both young and old. We do our castrations laying down and we take pride in the ease that they both go down and get back up. This ensures that we are able to do a thorough job with the surgery and lessens the risk of bleeding and additional injuries as the animals recover.
Freeze Branding
Freeze branding your horses is a classy, eye appealing way to indicate ownership of your stock. Done correctly, it is more legible and less stressful than hot branding and ensures that there is no mix up in determining ownership if stock goes missing.
Field Surgery
Additional to castrations, we perform a range of other elective surgeries. From hernia repairs to mass removals, if you ever wonder if we provide the surgery, just ask!
Wound Management
Unfortunately, horses are rather prone to cuts and scrapes. When addressed early, these issues can often be healed quickly and efficiently. If more serious and needing continuous wound management, we are with you the entire way. We want you to do what you are comfortable managing, but we will always be by your side to assist and monitor progress until the issue is resolved.
Initial Colic Workup
Equine colic is simply defined as "abdominal pain". A variety of ailments cause this and deciphering between the more and the less severe causes can sometimes be tricky. If your horse starts to colic, we will help decipher what your horse may be going through. If less severe, we will help resolve the issue; if more serious, we will provide options and a prognosis for further management of your horse's issues.
Lameness Exams
Lameness in equine patients can vary dramatically. Whether a simple bad step, or a career altering injury/disease we are here to help you treat and manage most causes of lameness. Complete with digital x-ray equipment, we have the necessary tools to help diagnose your horse's issue and get them on the best path to recovery.